4 Friends Investment


4 Friends Investment

4 Friends Investment GmbH is a family office and investment manager based in Berlin.

Equity Investments

4FI focuses on four sectors:

– the real estate market
– venture capital
– TRU Fitness (www.trufitness.de)
– stocks and bonds

We offer selected investors the opportunity to invest in these sectors alongside us through co-investment structures.

Our competence

4FI focuses on investments in the sectors of real estate, fitness and lifestyle due to our many years of experience in these fields. Our established network ensures a continuous deal flow and supports the growth of our ventures.

We make our partners’ expertise in business development and growth available to our ventures, helping them grow faster and more profitably.

Track record

Since our inception in 2016, 4FI has acquired 55 real estate properties in more than ten transactions, either alone or together with partners. Furthermore 4FI has invested in four corporate structures. 4FI has assets with a market value of about €500 million under Management. Our assets are located in Germany, Poland, Portugal and Spain.


Investment profile

4FI focuses on these asset classes:

Real estate

Value Add / opportunistic

Through our participation in Origami European Holdings (www.origamicapital.com), we invest in all asset classes in special situations in Germany, the UK, Spain and Poland. Our investment sweet spot is between €3 million and €50 million. The achievable returns should reflect the risk of the investments.

Core Plus / core

Directly or in club deals, we invest in residential real estate in the top seven cities and their catchment area. In addition, we invest in commercial real estate with long-term leases in good or very good locations in German cities and towns. Our ideal investment size here is between €1 million and €20 million.


Growth financing

We invest directly in companies that solve a specific problem and have an excellent management team. Our focus is on real estate-related services and the fitness sector. In addition to providing capital, we offer advice on growth and company building as well as support through our network.

Distressed companies

We take on companies that are in need of restructuring or that are currently undergoing restructuring with the goal of reorganisation. The turnover of the company must amount to at least €10 million.


The 4 Friends

Matthias Schmitz
Stefan Zimmermann
Sebastian Schickl
Georg Griesemann

The Team

Christoph Wöstefeld
Christoph Wöstefeld

Head of Investment,
OEH Advisory

Felix Appl
Felix Apel

Investment Associate,
OEH Advisory

Charlotte Michaelis
Charlotte Michaelis

Investment Controller

Thomas Ring
Thomas Ring

Investment Controller,
OEH Advisory




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4 Friends Investment

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